Procedure at apperance COVID-19 diseases



•             Self-isolation of a positive person for 10 days.

•             Self-isolation of the contact of a positive person for 14 days (since the last contact).

•             Croatian citizens call the competent family doctor,

•             Foreign citizens call the territorially competent epidemiologist, NZJZ SDŽ epidemiologist: 091 151 2003,

•             Ambulance DZ SDŽ, Doverska 2 Split: 021 669 264,

•             In case of life-threatening symptoms, call an emergency medical care.

Foreign guests who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 disease and foreign guests close contacts with a COVID-19 patient may return to their countries before the isolation expires after consultation with the public health authorities of their country of origin through the IHR system (international health regulations) and agreement on funding and funding their transport to their home countries. Public transport is not allowed.


A foreign guest with a confirmed COVID-19 disease whose medical condition does not require hospitalization who does not have conditions for isolation at home should be accommodated in organized community isolation accommodation provided for such needs by the local government, by moving guests to a pre-prepared facility suitable for living in isolation which is further taken care of by the competent accommodation doctor facility (in consultation with the competent epidemiologist). The  same  applies  to  guests  who  are close contacts of the patient, and who need to

organize quarantine / self-isolation.

The costs of insulation are borne by the guests after the completion of the insulation.

Spreading the infection (non-compliance with measures) is a criminal act and will be prosecuted.


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